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December 2022

"Caty was a fun hipster with strawberry blonde hair that didn’t need to be straightened with chemicals, who drank and slept around with men who hadn’t slept with her friends first and read cool books about cool women, not Agatha Christie, and wore short dresses from boutiques and not Target. If she could have that life, why couldn’t I?"

Image by Rachael 🫧

February 2022

"Despite the school being majority white, the students sent to detention or facing behavioral repercussions were mostly Black. Even if I didn’t have the language, I intrinsically knew what white supremacy begged of little Black girls who were eager to please."


May 2022

"It’s very possible that by the time I successfully conceive and see a positive pregnancy test, abortion will be effectively outlawed in Alabama. This turn of events is heartbreaking for many people, but I’m facing a unique fear."

Pregnant belly

September 2021

"I placed all my eggs in one basket, and time has taken all but a few. According to the reproductive endocrinologist. I have just a few weeks to decide if I want to be a single mom and then start the costly process to do so."

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